About Mercenary Market

Mercenary Market opens in June 2012! We are dedicated to creating a dedicated, enthusiastic group of table top gamers. We want to provide table space and opportunities for all Southern California gamers to come in a play!


Chris Kluwe, Owner

Chris was the punter for the Minnesota Vikings and has been playing Magic the Gathering since he was nine years old. He’s also a former Hive Tyrant of the Tyranid Hive Mind, a current Iron Lich of the Nightmare Empire, and has been known to enjoy the odd occasion of Dungeons and Dragons or Shadowrun when he has the time. Chris also plays every video game genre except for sports games – he’s really really bad at those. Irony.


Greg Kluwe, Rules Master

​ Come in and learn the tactics to cheesing out your army or game of choice.  Learn to beat your friends and enemies until you hear their lamentation of their woman and children.


Committed to helping our customers achieve ultimate game domination!


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